Lumbar Support Belt - Self-heating with Tourmaline

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Goodbye to HUKOT and back pain!

This Self-heating Lumbar support (Waist Pad) with Tourmaline doesn't just feel good. It's hot and it helps a lot in relieving back pain!

  • Perfect for anyone who's experiencing lower back painabdominal pain, and even dysmenorrhea.
  • Can be used on your frontbackBOTH, or even on your sides and hips.
  • Can help straighten your HUKOT back! 
  • With stretchable straps.


  • Place it on those painful areas and wear it tight!
  • Wear for 2-3 hours (max), 2-3 times a day.
  • Washable (handwash)
  • Can be worn over clothes if it feels too hot.
  • Might need to dampen the pads to activate heat faster.

Please note:

  • People with sensitive skin may experience skin redness.
  • Redness of the skin after usage is normal because of the heat.


  • Medium - fits below 32 inches of waistline.
  • Large - Can fit up to 40 inches of waistline.
  • Extra Large - 40 up to 45 inches of waistline.